Course Etiquette & Rules

Good etiquette is essential to Park Golf. It is an individual as well as a team sport, and therefore requires a sense of sportsmanship, generosity and fair play.

It is very important that each player fully understand the basics of good golf etiquette.

Course Etiquette
Be respectful of the course and grounds, enjoy a tobacco free environment.

Player Etiquette
Be considerate. Be aware of player order and use ball markers as needed. Use your best effort to make Park Golf enjoyable for everyone. Be alert to the safety of other players on your hole or in your vicinity when taking your shot.

With the exception of minor differences in Out-of-bounds (OB) and penalties, the rules for Park Golf are the same as traditional golf. A more comprehensive explanations of the rules are on the back of each Score Card.

For questions regarding course rules, contact our clubhouse at 716-442-5070.