What is Park Golf

Park golf is form of golf that was invented in Makubetsu, Hokkaido, Japan in 1983 and quickly gained a following in Japan. Park golf resembles a sport somewhere between golf and croquet. Like traditional golf in the US, the object of park golf to hit the ball into a hole with a club in the fewest number of strokes. At the same time, there is also a strong emphasis on harmony with other players and the natural setting of the golf course. Now it has come to Buffalo, NY.

Park golf, as its name implies, is a sport created to allow people of all ages to enjoy golf in a park like, relaxed setting. It provides players an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while improving their health and fitness. Park golf is for everyone. It is easy to play, yet still provides a challenge and requires technique to master the course.

Courses are shorter in length than traditional golf; one round taking less than a couple hours to complete. The physical strain is low and the rules are simple. Destroyer Park Golf is an 18 hole course. A park golf course (each 9 hole segment), by regulation, is no longer than 500 meters (just over 500 yards) and the longest hole is not longer than 100 meters (just over 100 yards). Holes are 20-100 meters long (22-110 yards) and Par-3 to Par-5 per hole. A round is 18 holes (half round=nine) and par is 66 (par-33 for nine).

Like traditional golf there are fairways, greens, … and roughs, bunkers, hazards and out of bounds (OBs).

The player with the fewest strokes wins!

By design, Park golf is affordable in any budget!

A park golf course is similar to a traditional golf course, however all park golf courses are only 9 holes in length. You will find all the same challenges you would see on a public golf course, but the holes are larger in size to accommodate for the size of the ball.

Destroyer park golf is a scenic course near Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY, designed to introduce players to the sport of park golf and enjoy the “harmony with the course.”

Why Play Park Golf?

Aside from the fun factor, unlike traditional golf courses, Park Golf is a great sport for all ages and abilities, children and families, and park golf leagues. The Sanction and Recognition of the Nihon Park Golf Association speaks volumes for their confidence and support of this First Recognized course in the USA. Present for our Grand Opening on July 7th and evaluated by their representative, Destroyer Park Golf moves itself into a unique position to qualify for International Tournament play. With over 1300 Courses in Japan alone, tournaments are very competitive!