Who is That Masked Man?

The founder of Destroyer Park Golf and the gentleman responsible for bringing the dream of Park Golf to the shores of the USA mainland, is none other than Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer. His famed history in Japan afforded him 60 years of history and relationships with its culture and people.

Mr. Beyer’s efforts to bring this innovated and very popular sport from Japan finally paid off when his daughter and son-in-law decided to build his ‘retirement’ course. It thrives on a much larger scale than one could have hoped or anticipated! The popularity and interest of park golf in the US continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

Aside from his athletic accolades, The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) is recognized by the Japanese government and people in a number of different and humbling ways.

  • 1973: The Destroyer received the US equivalent to an Emmy for his role on the show Uwasano Channel. (A Friday night entertainment show similar to Saturday Night Live)
  • 1974: The Destroyer received the RCA Best Seller Award for his Christmas Album “Destroyer no Tanoshii Christmas” (“Destroyer’s Exciting Christmas).
  • 2012: Richard ‘Dick’ Beyer received the Consul General Commendation from the Japanese Government for his service to the culture and citizens of Japan.
  • 2017: Richard Beyer was decorated with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays from Emperor Akihito for his outstanding contributions in the development of sports in Japan and promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and the United States. This conferment comes directly from the Emperor of Japan. Click Here for more information.

Click here for an enjoyable read about the life of Dick Beyer. MASKED DECISIONS The triangular life of Dick “The Destroyer’ ‘Doctor X’ Beyer, From American Athlete to International Icon.

Visit www.TheDestroyer.com

May Dick Beyer rest in peace March 7, 2019

He is forever remembered – sitting in his golf cart on the corner, waving at each passing car and meeting each guest with an enthusiastic and appreciative smile.